A long-suffering desk chair

I’m going to reveal a little behind the scenes magic here. This is my desk chair. (Actually, this a supermodel desk chair from the Office Depot website, my desk chair is not quite so perfect. But it is supportive and that’s enough.)

Anyway, many of the sounds of interpersonal violence featured in the Seanachai have been made by me roughing up this defenseless chair. I knocked it over to make the sound of the clumsy vampire in the attic, I went a few rounds with it to create the sound of the Brawling Irishman and most recently I snuck up on it while it wasn’t looking and hit it below the belt to create the noise of Topper punching a golfer in the nuts. I haven’t shot it or stabbed it (where would I sit?) and I’m always careful not to leave suspicious looking marks. It just felt like a good time to own up to my abusive behavior.

So if you happen to be in the market for a new chair let me tell ya, this one can take a hell of a beating.

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