Death in B Flat


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How come you never see a thin guy playing the tuba?

This is an attempt to write an entire story around the line, easy buddy, keep your Tuba on. We’re just talking here.
The conventions of the detective story are so ingrained in our culture, it seemed like I could leave out most of the story and just focus on the climactic part at the end.
And there’s nothing like somebody blasting a Tuba in your face when they don’t want to talk to you.

One reply on “Death in B Flat”

  1. I know this was posted quite a while ago but, This is very Very funny. And it makes it even more funny because my band director sent it to me. You see I play the flute and he’s a tuba player. He’s a rather large man as well so..Man it’s like real life…except for the stone thing.

    As a new fan and enjoying this podcast very much
    Thank You

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