8 replies on “A Wolf in the Park”

  1. This is a real beauty of a story!! And you are right – the scariest stories are the ones that come back to you in a flash, long after you first heard/read/saw them, and scare you then instead. M Night Shyamalan’s “signs” did that to me, with the howling dog that inexplicably stopped – my sister and I were sh*t-scared when our own dog did that, early hours of the morning, when we were alone out in the bush… 😛 funny now, but not then it wasn’t!!

    Thank you for your brilliant stories, Mr Seanachai.

  2. Great sound design. The voice of Super Walmart Roy is hilarious, but pretty spot on for the voice I conjure in my mind as I think of a Walmart employee in Northwest Arkansas. Oh and great writing too.

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