A Poll in the Field


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So the Seanachai has been rolling for about 22 episodes now. It’s certainly not the Hoover dam, but as I look back, it’s no small accomplishment. www.goodwordsrightorder.com is going to get 80k hits this month. A number of people have been generous enough to donate. And, for the time being, I’ve got the bandwidth cost covered.The question is, where now? I’ve got a few ideas of my own, of course, but I thought the best thing would be to ask you, the listeners. I know what I enjoy most about the Seanachai, what I don’t know is what you enjoy the most?So I have a few questions. If you feel like helping out, just comment on this post.

  1. Favorite episode? Why?
  2. This is not an essay question, but it needs some set up. There are three kinds of Seanachai episodes. 1 Ongoing series (How to Succeed in Evil) 2. First person narrative (Roulette, Lendu, Guitar) 3. Pure fiction (mall, wolf) Which one do you like best?
  3. If you could see any or all of these stories existing outside the internet, where would be the most natural place for them to live?

Thanks for giving this some thought. And if you’re not bothering to give it any thought, well, then thanks for listening.