New Site, Patron Saint and Rebroadcast


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Hallelujah, it is done. It is Easter and the Seanachai has officially risen from the dead. We’ve got a new look and a new feel and a spiffy new backend that makes putting out the podcast much, much easier. We’ll also be leaving the comment spam behind. And all these wonderful things are due to the winner of the Seanachai Patron Saint Contest, Michael Delaney.

St. Michael

St. Michael is a listener and fan who really stepped up and built the site you’re looking at right now. I highly recommend him. And if you need help with web stuff, you can reach him at (I have no idea if he likes this email address or not, but it’s my idea of a joke.)
In addition to a patron websaint, the Seanachai also has a new web address, Goodwordsrightorder is in a painful state of limbo at the moment. It seems the hosting company I was using registered in there name instead of mine. It is painful and maddening. I’m not too sure exactly what to do about it. If anyone has experience with this or suggestions (suggestions that don’t involve physical violence) or happens to be a lawyer who has handled this kind of thing – please drop me an email.

Again with My Brutal Drunken Uncle

So the only thing missing from this week is a brand new episode. Don’t blame me. Blame my drunken, brutal uncle Sam. All my extra time was taken up by taxes. And in honor of tax time I’m repodcasting My Brutal Drunken Sam. Even though I hate taxes. (Like mad-enough-to-throw-tea in-a-harbor hate taxes) this story still makes me laugh. Hope it taxes some of the sting out of taxes for you too.

8 replies on “New Site, Patron Saint and Rebroadcast”

  1. In the switchover, you seem to have inadvertently rebroadcast *all* of your episodes. What can I say; RSS is a harsh mistress.

    Congratulations on the new site, it looks excellent. Here’s to the stories to come!

  2. Yes, but the combination of a previously podcast episode as the most recent and the duplication of all of the previously podcast episodes convinced me that something was very wrong, especially since iTunes so helpfully renames all of the downloaded files. I had to come here to see what was the matter, and you’re probably going to get a lot more traffic and site hits than you’d normally get. You might was to think about fixing that….Oh wait, again the marketing genius comes through….Never mind……

  3. Like I said, there’s not really any way to fix it, since it’s not the site that’s broken, it’s just a natural problem when you change the feed from hand-written XML to WordPress, combined with the fact that iTunes doesn’t reload the entire feed every day, it just checks for new entries without removing the old ones.

    It’s a problem, but it’ll straighten itself out as time goes on, and short of renaming the feed and forcing everyone to re-subscribe (which would certainly lose more listeners than a few duplications will), there’s nothing we can really do about it.


  4. Awesome new site, guys!

    Then again, I’m biased, being related to the designer and all… Still, awesome site!


  5. oh yes, and i keep getting the following message when i post a message here, perhaps the comment system is forwarding the emails to the wrong seanachai email address?

    Seasons change, time and tide changes, fashions change and yes, my
    email address has changed.

    Please use from now on.

    (The email you sent has been fowarded to my new address, but this won’t
    last forever, so please, change your address book.)



  6. Good to have you back… have been missing your gloriously narrated little tales which have amused me no end. Love the new site and look forward to many more enjoyable minutes listening to your addictive stories.

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