New promotional push

Once again it’s time to put the word in the street. But how?

I’ll be honest with you. I’m so busy writing and producing this podcast – and making a living – and figuring out ways to make my living a little bit less like “My Bologna has a first name…” and more like “So there’s this Vampire. Living in my attic.” That I scarcely have time to keep up with all the ways and places on the old internet that the Seanachai should show up.
So if you have any suggestions – of where or how the podcast should exist/be extended on the internet – please send them on.
In the next couple of weeks, I’ll really be looking at this and trying to figure all of this promotional stuff out. And it starts right here – with this link claiming my Odeo feed.
My Odeo Channel (odeo/11ff9b4ded0aece9)

One reply on “New promotional push”

  1. Hey there. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I’m very happy to have stumbled onto your podcast. The Seanachai’s wonderful. You probably get enough praise, but here’s a little more. You can quote me, if you’d like. I’m a journalist, so it’s alright. (really)

    The Seanachai is warm, witty, and wise. When you find yourself suffering from information overload, just tune into the Seanachai podcast and relax. Patrick McLean will take care of you. His stories will transport you and his characters will charm the socks right off you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll be glad for this little thing called the Web.~Yvette Doss

    I’ll put up a link on my website.

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