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  1. kick ass song. Definitely need to see a comic.
    [evil voice]
    [/evil voice]

  2. Howdy. I’m glad to see a return to the Succeed in Evil storyline. However, there’s a minor problem in the RSS feed: This mp3 isn’t in it. Juice doesn’t see it, and there’s no enclosure tag in this post on the feed.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Hmmm. I heard about you from Cayenne’s TekDiff, listened to a few, then went back through the shows and listened to the whole How To Succeed in Evil series. The series makes me happy. Very happy. Writing about zombies, monsters and evil in a down to earth manner is one of my favourite things to do. I have written three stories staring The Cleaners, a team of monster killers that goes in after the ‘hero’ has saved the day, in order to kill all the rest of the monsters and allow the poor citizens of the small town to return to their lives as quickly as possible. Heroes always seem to think killing the queen is an instant solution. Foolish, of course, since you still have who knows how many little monsters or zombie minions running around, which could potentiallly hide out in a home and wait till everyone is back into a routine to chew someone up and start the whole cycle again.

    All that to say that I would be interested in a comic, being a total comic/monster story geek. How much would it be, how much would shipping be, when is the estimated timeline, and what methods of payment were you thinking of?

    Again, great work on a gorgeous podcast, inspiring and worth a laugh or a thought every time.


  4. Hi Patrick
    I think this story is fantastic, I have downloaded all of the episodes, and think that it will do very well as a comic book. I have a large comic book collection (mostly 80s) and this is a series I would purchase if I could find them here in Australia.

    The artists style is perfectly suited for this as well. (I am dying to see what the Cromogladon looks like.)

    Anyway, put me down for a subscription, and keep up the good work!


  5. Count me in on the comic. It’ll be just the way to get the money I most definitely owe you out of my pocket and into yours.

  6. Loved the episode. As I was listening I was thinking of the song and then…BAM! Music starts up and I crack up laughing…which got me some odd looks here at work but oh well. Also can’t wait for the comic!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi friend,

    Can I interest you in our high quality consumer electronics?

    Nah, just kidding Patrick….. count me in for a comic!

  8. Hey Patrick,

    Great episode, love the music, and Yes…I would like comics…not just one comic mind you. I would like a whole freakin case of them. I know at least a handful of fiends, i mean friends who would love the comic and may be the tipping point in dragging them kicking and screaming into the podcasting world. One of these friends works part time in a local comic book shop in baton rouge and once he read it, you will probably getting a call or an email, perhaps even smoke signals, a telegram, a radio transmition and an arrow that has a little piece of paper tied to it saying that he would like more.

    Keep up the totally airwolf work.


  9. Ohmigod! I so overwhelmingly NEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD this comic!!!!!! Erm…better make that two…I have a friend I need to infect, or addict, or whatever. The first taste is free, right?
    Thanks much! Keep up the great work!!!

  10. I’m good for at least two comic book purchases – one for me, one to loan to friends (maybe just the first one, as a teaser… give them a taste, and after that, we charge…).

    Great stuff!

  11. Count me in on a comic book. I’m local, so maybe I can meet you at your first local signing for it and pick up one there 🙂

    New to the seanachai, and now that I’m done catching up on the “How to Succeed” stories, I’m going back to listen to the rest. Great work, Patrick!

  12. Patrick, keep up the great story, I look forward to the next installment. If you just had a surge in downloads, it’s me as I just lost almost every podcast and recently purchased music that I have. Anyway…

    Put me down for a comic book. Maybe it can be available as an ebook for printing since space is at a premium for some people.


  13. Hey, you can add me to the headcount for comic books, I’d love one. Also, great song 😉

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