I’ve been blamed for a general decline in literacy!

And I couldn’t be happier. Here’s what the June 15th Apple e-newsletter(http://www.apple.com/enews/2006/06/15enews1.html#top) had to say about the Seanachai:

“Podcast Pick. Show of hands. Who’d like to hear a good story? Then you’ll want to subscribe to Patrick E. McLean’s The Seanachai. Episode after satisfying episode, the podcast delivers a truly enjoyable storytelling experience. If it’s true that no one reads anymore, it’s probably because they’re all listening to the Seanachai.”

Hot Damn.

I have neither bribed nor slept with anyone at Apple. The only logical conclusion is that somebody likes me. Really likes me. Who ever you are. Thanks for the plug. Here’s what it did to my traffic.

I’m pretty sure the first spike was due to a change I made to the rss feed that caused some itunes and other podcatching to re-download a bunch of episodes – so the latest spike is pretty significant.

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  1. Congratulations, Patrick. You thoroughly deserve it. Hopefully all the new listeners will stick around and stay subscribed.

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