Hey, where’s my damn Seanachai episode?

by admin

A fine question (even if the tone was a little rude) and I’m glad you asked.
I’ve been travelling, working on a pitch for a thing with a guy at a company (I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s more of a Thing with a Guy at a Company.) and trying to make a little money to feed myself and the poor, suffering, hungry people at the IRS.
I have been working on the next episode(s). I even have a plan for the next 8 or so podcasts – but I just haven’t been able to get to them. Kind of like a dream where you’re trying to run away from a tiger, but it’s like you’re running underwater. And the harder you try, the slower you move. And that tiger wants to eat you so bad, he’s breaking all the laws of physics just to get to you.

A few questions for you

What if the Seanachai was less audio and more text? By making a podcast, I’m adding four hours, minimum to the production process. And I’m adding to the time it takes you to assimilate the story. (Ah, got to use the BorgWord there.)
So how many of you check the ‘blog or read this thing in a newsreader? And how many people would rather have an interesting post or story every couple of days, and audio once a month?
Read or Listen?
It’s the mournful refrain of the Econ tribe, “Tradeoffs. Tradeoffs. Tradeoffs.”