19 replies on “Nazi Car Trouble”

  1. wow! video! i liked it! very informative too, cant say i expected VW to be designed by Hitler…
    also, love the background music (a TAD bit overwhelming tho) but what a great movie that was… yum.

  2. The Voice Has A Face !!!
    How was it for me ? I’t like you hear James Earl Jones Doing Darth Vader and then you see Hayden Christensen (Not what you really want to see teenage girls and raging queens excluded) now when I hear Patrick McLean I always saw Lucifer (suit and tie get your soul not horns and hooves eat your mother) and now I am presented with the reality of a man who looks suprisingly like nic rummel’s drawings of Edwin Windsor minus the grey hairs. That aside I still think your a legend and a genius keep up the brilliant work.

  3. “Wow, that kid’s got a lot of forehead” – that was the first comment I got from showing the rough cut.

    So God says I have to go bald, eh? Does that make hair replacement the work of the devil? (there’s a story in there.)

  4. Only if there’s a happy ending in the story. I’m losing my hair in the more traditionally Irish fashion: the remaining tuft right up front and the Picard-band around the back.

    That’d be a good ad-banner campaign, though, eh?

    “Hairloss is the work of God. So what can the devil do for you? Find out. The Seanachai”.


  5. This is scary. I’ve never seen a picture of you, but you look exactly like I thought you would look. That has never happened before. Anyway, love your stuff, especially How to Succeed in Evil.
    As I watched your videocast I couldn’t help but think about Woody Allen’s joke about why he didn’t ride in Volkswagens, because he was afraid that someday they would drive all the Jews back to Germany.

  6. Nice to see you, old man…

    Speaking of seeing you, arent you supposed to be headed my way soon? did you ever find out when that was?

    there isnt anything you cant do, is there?

    oh, btw, Podbeat should be out friday… “Should” being the key word…

  7. That was absolutely brilliant. And it explained so much.

    You look great. Of course, I have to say that, because I’m thin on the top too. At any rate, keep up the good work! (Does this mean that you need extra contributions via PayPal this month?)

  8. So did you realize the comments were going to focus on your hairline? Glad to see the fingers on your hand look better. 🙂

    Great use of video. Your dry wit kills me. Great essay. If you need a ride somewhere, just let me know.

  9. I’d tell you how great it was, but I’d just be repeating everyone else. But about your car, I also have an old VW that needs repairs, but while it needs $4,000 to pass inspection, but only $1,500 to be safe to drive, I could not spend money on any repairs and get an antique car license for it! If you want to save some money, you could go that route, since it probably is an antique.

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