How to Succeed in Evil Update IN GLORIOUS COLOR

Okay, okay. So I’m lame for being quiet for so long. (And I know I’m lame)

But things are bubbling. I swear they are. For one thing, we’ve got a colorist (the Mighty Myron Macklin) and he’s awesome. And we’re almost, almost, almost, so close I can taste it, done with the color version of the book.
And of course, if you’ve caught up with the latest installment. We can expect many interesting things from Topper in what I’m going to call Season Two of How to Succeed in Evil.
Here’s a peek at the color (unlettered)

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One reply on “How to Succeed in Evil Update IN GLORIOUS COLOR”

  1. And I thought it looked awesome in black and white. I can’t wait to see the “World Domination” cell in full colored glory.

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