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  1. Patrick. Sir. Wow. I remember you talking about making a vid version of this a few months back, and I’m glad you did. This is tremendous. I also know a few female podcasters that are going to love seeing you in a bed, but that’s a whole other story altogether.
    I want this in my film festival. This flick showcases the exact spirit behind the 20 Dollar Film fest.
    Great job on the your two video episodes, I hope you have more coming soon.

  2. yeah like me… I’m going to love seeing you in a bed. But Fuck-it-all, i fucking CANT. I have to wait till i get home
    *grumble grumble* goddamn ancient office computer…Fucking IBM…*grumble grumble*

    *curli-cue of steam out of the top of my head*

  3. Hooray! yay! i saw it! I heart Patrick and his Vampire!
    This was always my favorite story of yours. Always.

    Go listen to your podbeat episode! now!

  4. mplayer died several seconds into the show.

    MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: decode_video

    Xine implied that it didn’t know the codec, but actually said:

    load_plugins: failed to load video output plugin

    At least i got the audio.

    Now, i just went out to the net and downloaded every video plugin i could find. I do this every few months, generally in response to some new video that i can’t see, i go through this exercise. Every time, there are a dozen new codecs that i didn’t have before. And, every time, none of the new codecs works with the new video. That’s video life under Linux. It pisses me off. If there was some compelling new compression scheme, then, sure, about every five years, introduce a new, public, codec. That way i could save promising videos, and see them two years after everyone else. That’s after someone got around to writing the Linux version of the codec. But a new proprietary video codec every week makes this prospect hopeless.

    I mean, how would it be if NTSC were replaced as the TV standard with HDTV? I know what it would mean to me. I would no longer watch TV. It will be another five or ten years before i can afford a new TV, and longer if the new HDTV sets remain so bloody expensive. Come to that, i don’t really feel the need to watch The Brady Bunch at higher resolution.

    At least i got the audio. It sounds funny. In fact, the audio track is totally fine as a podcast, on its own, without modification. I’m really curious what it might look like.

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