4 replies on “Better odds than a bullet”

  1. Patrick,

    Great to hear from you again. We do miss the weekly (heck, the bi-monthly) posts, but we also value your health and sanity. Congratulations on all the success you’re seeing. You deserve it.

  2. Brian,

    There sure is something up with the embedded player and that mp3 file. No clue – working on it. What can I say. Technology is not our friend. Technology is just pretending to be our friend to it can date our sister.


  3. That is so wrong. I’m not loaning technology any more money, nor am I letting it crash on my couch anymore. I don’t care what excuse it gives me.

    Thanks for the warning.

  4. Patrick,
    Technology is trying to date your sister?! But he said he loved me — Cheating bastard.

    On a more congenial note, “Better Than a Bullet” was brilliant! As much as I’d like more “Evil”, I love the idea that the upcoming podcasts will be based on random tidbits in your day.

    Oh, also I passed “Evil” to my brother this past Christmas (on CD) in hopes of breeding more minions. Best of luck with the pilot!

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