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This Saturday I’m going to be on Matthew Wayne Selznick’s (author of Brave Men Run) new podcast. It will me and Scott Sigler (Author of Earthcore and Ancestor) talking, among other things, about how the publishing industry is changing.
Sure, I like the sound of my own voice, but I’m deeply interested in what Sigler has to say. He’s gruff and scrappy and he just scared the absolute piss out of the “establishment” by having Ancestor’s debut crack the Amazon top 10. I can’t wait to hear all about it.
And since we’re doing it through TalkShoe you can listen in live. May 5th 5:00 EST.

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  1. And Scott deserves top 10 status. He clearly worked his bunns off getting it out. And the story’s pretty good too. I’ve not read the printed version. And, having heard it, i may not be able to do that and evaluate it. For one thing, if i’ve heard someone’s voice, that’s what i hear when i read their work. It’s spooky. In fact, i had my computer do text->speach on someone’s blog (whose voice i’ve heard) and *still* heard it with that person’s voice! If i skim show notes for a podcast, i end up thinking i’ve already heard the show before. But the Ancestor story really moves, and should be an awesome read.

  2. Yeah, I knew those Parsecs were going to come up. C’mon Sigler, you’re the one with the three book deal. I got two Parsec awards! And one of them is covered in blood ’cause it turned on me when I tried to open a beer bottle with it.

    (Yeah, you should all listen, we’re going to have some fun!)

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