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  1. In reply to your rhetorical question on the road trip of whether there is anything better than beef jerky, I would say yes, there is. It is from Hawaii and is called Pipikaula (pee pee cow lah). Imagine very flavorful beef jerky, but not really dry like beef jerky. Rather moist and tender. Somewhere between beef jerky and pastrami. Reeeeeally good!

    Dan Hermon
    Honolulu, Hawaii

  2. Great words, even better order!

    I really enjoyed your latest episode. I understand your quandary between creating your podcasts with higher production standards, or publishing more frequently. I can tell you that I would much rather hear more of your stories with lower audio quality instead of having to wait so long between getting to enjoy them.

    Stay Shiny,

  3. On the other hand, i like the high quality ideas with high quality delivery, even if it’s only once or twice a year. My RSS reader is patient. I can get pretty good ideas with pretty good delivery in huge quantities on Librivox.

    Clear skies.

  4. If the only way you can get stories out to us is in a stream of consciousness recording, I’ll take it. But the unfinished quality diminishes the effect of the podcast. A scripted podcast has a flow and higher bang for the buck.

    There is no shortage of podcasts with lots of “um”s and “hmm”s. Everyone out there thinks they’re Howard Stern and they can just turn on the mike, BS for half an hour, and call it a podcast. The problem is Howard Stern is rarely funny. One good joke per hour and a half, maybe.

    You don’t need to super-produce every episode, but you are so much better than most of the others. You should show it.

  5. “Road Trip” saddened me as it meant we missed saying good-bye to you in Charlotte. John will miss his teacher very much. Good luck and keep in touch.

  6. I like the more layed back version of the seanachai. It’s yet another version of you story telling abilities. And being a person on the road alot I can relate to the kind of stories that only can come out when exposed to long hours on the highway. Keep them coming high quality or not it doesn’t matter to me!!

  7. Patrick,

    I’m hopeful that the new job will give you more time for podcasting. I loved the stories, but the audio was a little raw. I could have used a bit of cleaning. Still, a story from Patrick is a treat I enjoy. Glad to hear you on my iPod again.

    If you’re close to DC there’s a Northern Virginia podcaster’s meetup group that would love to have you as a member. Get in touch.


  8. St. Micheal, I am aware of that, but at the time I wrote the coment, there hadn’t been a new episode for over a month. And as of now, both feeds are again over a month due.

  9. Does this compare to the quality of the once-a-week-for-a-year podcasts? Not really, though I understand why you found that far too high a workload to keep going.

    But the stories you wrote/told were better than this. Maybe wait until you have time to post something more polished, less the reputation of The Seanachai becomes tarnished….

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