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  1. Do you have the source for that quote at the beginning of this podcast about “two good hours of work a day”?

  2. Patrick, I’ve been listening to a few of your brilliant stories lately and wishing that you would release a new story, I thought maybe I have the wrong feed address, then this comes along! 🙂 Some people do podcast for a living because it is worth it for them to charge for podcasts (just ask Don McAllister, screencastsonline.com), your older stories, such as “A Wolf in the Park” are really worth the paying for, so I really wish you would charge for content so that it’s worth your time writing them. It would also be a good platform to promote Good Words, Right Order.

    Oh and I’m not the same Ian as from the earlier comment, but I too would like to know the source of that quote if you know. I searched but found nothing.

    How about a vote on this?!

  3. Patrick, I’ve recently started a new job that involves a lot of paperwork and I’m giving thought to having your quote on my desk. The question is does it make me look lazy, like I only work two hours of the day?!

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