‘Evil Update and a Question


So the old email box has been flooded in the last week. And everybody is asking the same question. What in the hell is going on?

The only thing I find lacking in your work to date is the lack of quantity. I enjoy Edwin, as well as the short stories of yours I came across in Voices: New Media Fiction. Do you currently have any ETA or status update for your loyal fans?

Yes I do. I’ve completed the first draft of the novel. And I’m about a third of the way through the rewrite. I’m good for about a chapter a day. And I’m on chapter 14 now. That’s about 26,000 words rewritten out of a target of 80ish. The beginning has gone a little slower than I would have liked because I’ve added a couple of charcters and an entire subplot.

I am also rather curious about how much progress you’ve made in the last three months.

Me too. Or curious as to how hard it got there for a little while. I’ve found that if I try and put the hurry up on it (like I sometimes do with my shorter work) it always, always comes out bad. But if you just plug away at it every day at the same time in a workmanlike fashion, it comes together faster than you expect. Mostly, I had to clear my head from all the garbage of previous incarnations to write this clearly and well.

I was highly entertained and can’t wait for any other items that may off shoot from this story.

You know, I could easily spend my time doing more audio episodes. And I have no end of ideas for off-shoots and spin offs. But I feel that would mean that this is as far as the story will go. No, it’s time for a more communicable form. So the time I can spare from my life (which there’s less and less of) is devoted to the novel.

So I have a question for all of you. I’m thinking about podcasting the novel as I work on this rewrite. I have some reservations about this, not from a media standpoint, but from an artistic standpoint. The episodes as they exist are more along the lines of notes. Thoughts on toward a character and a story. What I’m trying to do by writing the novel is have a full and complete, fully realized story. But there’s a difficulty with this

What if the story changes?

Sure that sounds stupid, but, believe me. It’s happened to me more than once as I’ve written this novel . It started off in the direction I wanted, then it changed dramatically. And for the better.

And I don’t know if my fear makes any sense. I’m just looking for some way to get this thing done and appeal you slavering (and much loved) fans. Thoughts anybody?

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  1. Don’t.

    There. I said it. Yes, it’s worked out for some. Yes, it can provide fantastic motivation to hear from your audiences as you are working on the story.

    But personally? I think it needs to be written first, edited next (with as many rinse-repeat actions as necessary) and then produced as a podcast novel. Or podiobook, as some call these.

    But what could be interesting is this: a “follow me as I write this” podcast that accompanies the writing/editing process. Keep it short. Read choice passages that you are most proud of. Talk about where the plot is going, or where it changed. Tell us how this process fits in with your life. Show us these characters, and point out where they act up. Get us involved in the process of creating the story — then drop the story on us later. Sure, we’ll have a few spoilers. But our pumps will be primed to get the whole enchilada. And how’s THAT for mixing metaphors?

  2. I agree…and for the same reasons. Don’t show us the work until it’s finished. As a side note, among the many things that disappointed me about Pirates of the Caribean, Part II was that one of my favorite lines from the trailer was not in the actual movie! They used a different take of the scene in the finished product, and I felt robbed. So no, don’t release the final product until it IS the final product. I’d love to see some “behind the scenes” specials, but save the best for last.

  3. Write the novel, even if it takes another year with no podcast. It’s a good enough story to be worthy of doing it write. My wife and I listened to all the Edwin pod casts on a road trip and both agreed it was an extremely clever idea and could be fully explored as a complete satire novel. Good luck

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