Pardon Our Dust

Hello; St. Michael here. In preparation for the relaunch of The Seanachai on October 15th we’re rearranging a few things here on the site and preparing a new site design. As a result, some things on the current site may behave strangly or cease to function until we get the new site launched (at the time of this writing the “Collections” page doesn’t work, for example).

So please bare with us and pardon our dust while we work; we promise that the new site is going to be awesome.

3 replies on “Pardon Our Dust”

  1. Oh Mr. McLean I have SO missed you! you were always my favorite…
    I have such fond memories of the two of us talking about nonsensical life things at Dragon*Con back when i had boobs… (I’m sure they were poignant at the time, but that was two YEARS ago! — wow you’re old)

    Yay for your return!

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