8 replies on “State of the Seanachai”

  1. Welcome back, Patrick! I think it’s a testament to your talent that so many people were waiting with bated breath for you to resume podcasting. I predict great things for your “new” old venture.

  2. Working the fields in the Midwest is a lonely occupation. I wonder if people driving along the highway think I’m some kind of goof ball when they see me smiling behind the wheel of the tractor? Thanks Patrick, for entertaining me and I’m glad you’re back!

  3. Do you have the ability to set up a subscription option via Paypal, like what they do at Escape Pod? Basically it bills me monthly for the specified amount. I’ll donate, but I’m not likely to come back repeatedly to do it.

  4. I heard the buck a month request on the re-launch podcast, so I decided to give you a year up front and a tip.

    Good luck with the re-launch!

  5. I don’t have as much free time to listen to podcasts anymore, but the Seanachai is the only podcast that I never canceled or removed from iTunes. It made my day when I saw a new episode show up.

  6. No typo. It’s a line from the opening scene from Above the Law with Steven Seagal. Some CIA types are torturing this poor Honduran guy (or whatever) and he stammers out in broken English, “I no scared.”

    Stuck with me. Not too sure why.

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