I Voted?

by admin


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And soon the craziness will be behind us.


SFX: Guy going crazy

Do those crazy guy who walk down the street cursing to themselves — yelling and scaring everybody — do they think they’re the voice of reason? That they’re the reasonable people and it’s the rest of the world that’s insane.

I think they probably do.

And every time I put out a podcast, that thought is in the back of my mind.

SFX: Guy going crazy

Am I just a crazy guy yelling at myself in my closet?

And how would I know if I was? I mean seriously, would you tell me?

This is one of the many reasons why I rarely touch on politics. Another reason is that people don’t seem to talk about politics — they just yell slogans at each other until one somebody’s feelings get so hurt that they go home.

And this behavior is fueled by a host of pundits and spin masters soulless ghouls and other political operatives.

I’m sick to death of the general election and it seems to me that the everybody has gone a little crazy.

But then again, maybe it’s just me on my own personal sidewalk. Yelling in my personal closet.

SFX: Guy going crazy

But as I look at this mess, I am amazed at what a fetish we have made the presidency. And how very primitive and tribal this way of thinking really is. C’mon it’s not like we’re electing an Emperor. And even if we were, even the most powerful emperor is really only semi-potentiary.

So in an effort to walk down my own little street bellowing whatever sanity I can muster, and to put the grueling madness of an election year and a half behind me, I’m repodcasting one of the earliest episodes of the Seanachai which seems very appropriate on this election day.

It’s called the King of the Lendu.

<rebroadcast Lendu>