A Preview and a Question.

Well, things are going well. At least I think things are going well. There are some donations. Episodes are going up on a regular basis. I don’t feel like I’ve hit any of the new ones out of the park, but I’m hitting some solid doubles.
What’s lacking, of course, is fiction. And I’ve got lots of that coming. I’ve been working on something with PG Holyfield (of Murder at Avedon Hill) and I’m really happy with it. It’s a multipart series that’s got everything really. Golf, Death, Honor, friendship, betrayal, the Mayan Apocalypse and a vengeful god disguised as a pickup truck. Scott Sigler’s even helping us out with one of the voices.
It’s called Flinchy and the Mexican Show Truck.
I’m also working on something called Unkillable. It’s a tale of revenge told from the perspective of a guy who is killed and turned into well, basically a Zombie. I’m really happy with it as well.
So, friends of the Seanachai, here’s the question — how do I roll these multipart series out? All at once, or do I alternate episodes between a little one-off or essay and an episodic piece?
What about making them available for purchase before they’ve all gone out on the feed? That is to say, if you listen and you just can’t wait until next week (or next month) you can buy the rest of the episodes right then and there.

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  1. I would roll them out as alternate episodes between other things. Sometimes the “anticipation” factor plays a lot into development of your most loyal fans.

  2. One thing – if you make them available for purchase early, then I definitely want to see them intermixed with other stuff in the feed. Otherwise, if I buy a series after the first episode, I’ll have nothing new to listen to for n episodes. If you intermix, then I’ll be able to listen to something new every other week or so, at least.

  3. I’d like to see multipart stories updated weekly. The War with Santa was about right. El Justiador came out so infrequently that the flow of the story got lost.

    I like the donation model as opposed to charging for stories. Donors could get stories earlier if you want.

    Regarding donations, I think you should put a regular monthly subscription as an option: $5.00 per month, $1.00 per week, whatever. I would subscribe if it were available. If you are counting on regular listeners to fill out a PayPal form every time they donate, I think your receipts will be less.

  4. I agree with Michael Kone.
    I will definitely buy them all at once, but I would still want to listen to something new every other week or so.

  5. Alternate between the series ‘casts and the one offs.

    I *really* hope that, while you have subscriptions, it doesn’t turn into an elite group.
    People who do not (currently) donate/new listeners are not going to be all that enamoured of a podcast that is to all intents and purposes not up to date. In my opinion.

    I always thought that subscription services should be like goodies. Tempting and worthwhile enough to pay (extra) for, rather than being the podcast itself.

  6. I once played with an idea that you might be able to use (I think some other folks have used this one too, but no idea who they are):

    – Have the first episode online for free.
    – Attach a price to the second episode. Don’t make it available.
    – Make the episode (or all episodes, if you like) available to anyone who has payed.
    – Once you have achieved the ‘price’ set on the second episode, set the same price for the third.
    – Rince and repeat.

    Seems very appealing to me.

  7. Ah, well.

    It’s good that you are keeping content to those who can pay for it.
    A true storyteller ethos, that.

  8. Hey Patrick, a bit late, but here’s an idea- Why not release things episodically on the podcast, (I sure know it keeps /me/ coming back for more. Must find out what happens to Flinchy!) but when things are done, bundle them up and sell them as an audio book. Much as I hate the DRM, audible.com produces a really rather decent product, and seems pretty friendly to smaller media producers, like podcasters.

    Also, while I’m yammering on, let me throw in a bit of support for “Me”‘s and Milo’s suggestions- I think you’ll get more donators with a mostly free model, (Gets new users hooked and interested in your style, and lots of free content is expected in a podcast) but I know if a subscription were available, I’d likely sign up for it. It would be rather convenient to have a $5/month subscription chipped directly out of my bank/paypal account.

    Just my 2 cents.


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