Members, donations and the lot.

So, we’ve officially launched our membership system. This means a couple of things: first of all it means that, in return for donating to The Seanachai, not only do you get to help us keep the lights on and servers up, we’ll also be capable of giving you stuff in return –members-only content. Think of it like the gift you get for donating to NPR, but more often, and in the form of extra Podcast episodes.
Some things to know:
1) if you’ve donated, and you are registered on the site, you should have member status. We’ve migrated all the donations we’ve received to the new membership system. Members should see, in the right-hand-side of the header graphic, text that reads “Thanks for donating! Your membership expires on…”; if you’ve donated and don’t see this text, post a comment and we’ll figure out what went wrong.
2) Members hath their privileges. Now that we have the model and the technology all figured out, there will be member-only content and episodes; there will also be time-delayed content. That is to say, a multi-part series might only come out once a month, but if you are a member, you’ll get all the episodes much, much faster (probably all at once).
So a great big “Thank you!” to all our members current and future! If you’re not yet a member and would like to become one, first register on the site using the links at the top of the page; once you’re registered and logged in you should see a “Become a Member” button appear on the top-right of the header graphic. Click it to become a member!

8 replies on “Members, donations and the lot.”

  1. Hi Patrick,

    This podcast is both entertaining and educational. I didn’t know all that stuff about Saint Patrick, for example. I found out about your podcast at Thanksgiving last year, and listened to all the episodes in a row. It was awesome. Then I got my friend hooked on “How to Succeed in Evil,” then she got ticked off at me when it stopped! I thought you would be back eventually, and now you are. We are so happy, thanks for all your hard work on this podcast. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Patrick,

    I’m seeing I’m a member, but I’m not seeing “Thanks for donating” text. Might be my own fault, I first registered as CVD1979 and then re-registered (to help answer your OpenID question, if you remember).

    Looking forward to it all!

  3. Tim:
    I’ve manually created your membership –it should work properly now.

    Anyone else who thinks they should be members and don’t see the “Thanks for donating…” text please let us know and we’ll fix you up.

  4. Howdy there,

    So I registered, and donated (US$20, if I recall), but I’m now being told my subscription has expired. Any idea what’s going on? I figured I’d be good for at least 9 months to a year…


  5. MsJaye,
    You registered and donated, but that was before we implemented the membership tools. I’ve manually created your membership on the site, it is good for one year starting today.

  6. Hello web-leprechauns behind the scenes at the Seanachai!

    Just a quick question regarding membership subscription feeds, and forgive me if it’s been explained but I couldn’t find it easily:

    as well as getting to ‘the good stuff’ once we’ve logged in as members, is there a dedicated feed for us we can pop into iTunes? My iPhone would be better fed for the addition.


    1. john,
      There is not a specific members version of the feed. Right now, when a members-only post goes out, the reader will inelegantly report that the content is members-only and you’ll have to come to the site to read or download it.

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