86 Nickels Script

So this is an early draft of the screenplay that eventually became Death of a Dishwasher. Very clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing structuring a screenplay — but some of the scene’s really snap. And the lines are still funny. I skimmed it as I was building this post and I chuckled

to myself in several places. This is good sign, because I’m pretty critical of my own work.

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  1. I just subscribed, shouldn’t I be able to see this also??

    BTW, heard about you from the other Patrick, PG, PJ, Tee, Something Holyfield. looking forward to hearing/reading more


  2. treed,
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  3. Really? You’re not sure what I mean that content available to those who can pay for it is elist?

    Good luck with the future of the site/’cast. You do good things, but premium (‘You pay for it’) content is not the way to go, imo.

    I mean, it is as a way to make money but not to tell stories.

  4. The vast majority of content on the site will remain free. At present, no podcast episodes are planned as pay-only (this will almost certainly change, but that’s the immediate future). We may release some episodes early to members, and we’ll probably produce more “bonus” content like this post, but The Seanachai was built as a free podcast and there are no plans to change that.

    A great number of people seem to want to support the site by donating and we’re happy to be able to give them something in return for their support.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I think donations are a great idea, and let people show their support (as well as actually being supportive, of course).
    But content that is accessible through a paid membership does change a site/’cast, and it does mean the site is limited, from the point of view of others.

    And there’s no denying the fact that ‘pay and you can see this content’ is a different ethos to ‘pay (at no additional benefit to the payer) if you think the writer has created something great’.

    And if you are paying a membership fee, you are not donating.

  6. Me,
    We look at it in the spirit of the NPR “membership” model where, in thanks for your generous donation to help keep us on the tubes, we’re able to give you something in return.

  7. I absolutely love the Seanachi and think 12 dollars a year is a bargain if it means more McLean goodness.

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