First subscriber-only post up now

So the first subscriber-only post is up. So if you think you should be able to see it and can’t, please email or comment and we’ll straighten it out as quickly as possible.
The post presents a bit of work in progress. It’s a draft of a screenplay from 1999 called 86 Nickels. It was the start of what originally became Death of a Dishwasher. From a movie standpoint, it’s not really very good. Screenwriting is a pretty intricate, structural art. And the more TV spots I’ve done, the more I realize how different (and constrained) visual storytelling is. Audio is wide open because you can use the tricks of visual storytelling, but still dip into all the cool stuff that prose can do that film, just can’t
Anyway, there are some great scenes and lines in the script and it’s well worth a peruse if you liked Death of a Dishwasher (here’s a link to that Parsec Award-winning series) or you are interested in process at all.
A tip of the hat goes to John August for developing the Scrippet plug-in that I used to display this page of the script. He’s an awesome screenwriter (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and his blog ( is tremendous. He really goes out of his way to answer questions and help people understand his craft. In an industry known for the freaky and the mean, he’s a class act. So if you have screenwriting questions, check out his blog.
And check out this badass little formatting plug-in.
The dishwasher struggles with a child-proof cap. After a valiant fight he opens the bottle,
pours the entire thing in his mouth and chokes it down with a glass of water.
A long beat. He is at a loss for what to do next. This was not in the original suicide plan. He checks his pulse.
And then the phone rings.
(through the phone)
Hey man, I’m glad I caught you. Cisco just called me from jail. So he can’t work. Can you make it to wash dishes?
The dishwasher struggles to get a hold on the moment.
I know you’ve got plans, but I’m in a real bind here. I’ll give you time and a half? Can you help me out?
Uh, sure.