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  1. Patrick —
    *squee* Thank you for bringing this project full circle.

    Welcome home, Edwin…I’ve missed you, and your Success in Evil, dearly.

  2. Patrick,

    Love the podcasts. Glad to hear about the succeed in Evil novel but am still confused about its format. I’d buy it right now if I knew where/how to get it. Is it being released as a podcast too or a physical or PDF book?

    Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Julio,

    I’m going to make the entire thing available as a free, serialized audiobook as I am finishing the final polish (actually, reading each chapter aloud and editing it is my final polish) then solicit it for publication in a more traditional fashion.

    Glad to have you along,


  4. I am intrigued as to whether you’ll continue the story where it left off (i.e. the showdown with Topper) or whether you’ll be starting a new narrative?

    In either case it’s something I look forward to.

  5. Marknifico,

    As much as I would have loved to roll on with the story, I had to start at the beginning. So the first novel goes until the Cromoglodon is captured. (There is, of course, a lot more in there.) The second, which will be entitled “How to Succeed in Evil: Starting Your Own Business” will take us through Topper’s betrayal. The third “Living the Dream” is Topper running things (mostly into the ground) and the fourth “Leaving a Legacy” Edwin makes a comeback and really, really lays the smack down.

  6. You’ve planned a quadrilogy no less. That really is something to look forward to.

    A handful of other questions come to mind, like…

    * How will the novel-length story differ from what we’ve already heard.
    * Will Patrick be doing the characters with the same voices (“World domination!”)
    * Will it be Patrick alone or will he have help? (Mur Lafferty or Summer Brooks as Edna, Tee Morris as Topper)

    Patience will ultimately answer them all.

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. OMG, “World Domination”….I can hear exactly how that sounds in my mind! 😀

      And don’t forget the sounds effects. I wasn’t, previously, a fan of sounds effects in audiobooks..bit of a purest, I was…but ‘Succeed in Evil’ made me a believer. They were subtle and effective – the ray gun in Chapter 1, the zombies slobbering in the background, the crack of the model as Edwin was breaking the model in Chapter 5 — very effective.

  7. Not to plug Mur Lafferty too much, but has anyone listened to “The Takeover” (http://zombinc.net/). The site certainly looks nice.

    But wow, listening to the part 1, I wonder how many derivative “Cheap Labor” projects are out there?

    I’d like to hear the history behind those episodes.

  8. Feel free to call your collection of books a trilogy. Tolkien did it. But “The Hobbit” plus three books is four. Add the SillyMarillion, and that’s four and a half. Douglas Adams had how many Hitchhiker books in his trilogy? Rawlings has released book 8 of 7, and is working on #9.

    My advice: number the first one zero. Zero of Three, One of Three, Two of Three, Three of Three. Don’t explain it anywhere.

    My boxes of Christmas stuff in my basement are now numbered to 11 of 5, starting at zero.

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