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  1. I was looking at your collection of short stories at Podiobooks and then went over to this site. Gave the “Getting Shot” episode a listen. Many times I do this and I am not sure how I feel about the writing, the reader, the production. It’s OK but not sure if I will listen to more of their stuff. Then sometimes one strikes a nerve and you’re instantly a fan. This is the case here, thanks bud. What else can I say but it is great. Keep em’ coming! Joseph W. aka WaterRabbit, Cape Cod, MA, USA

  2. Dude, I was late in the game picking up your podcast, but I’ve really enjoyed it. So many clever and comical stories. Thanks for all the great stuff you’ve put out there. I heard about you from listening to P.G. Holyfield’s work. You’re story, and vidcast reading w/ P.G. especially, is by far my favorite of the “Tales of The Children” so far. But I’m leaving this comment for this last podcast episode. Dude, it was deep, and it was funny, very good, I really enjoyed it man. I’m glad I still have some of your old episodes to be listened to in iTunes because I wish you weren’t done. I’ll be watching to see what you do next, I know it’ll be awesome. Thanks!

  3. wow, a totally amazing story. Great details and humor. I’m glad you are trying longer things. I think any account of getting shot would be riveting, but there are quirky aspects to your telling that definitely make it a great story. Trying to make a telephone call and running into a sleep-deprived doctor, your account of being in shock and trying to drive away, your coolness in the waiting room….

    My only quibble is with your political statement about gun control. Maybe you went on a little long about that.

    Great end to an outstanding series.

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