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Unkillable Preview (subscribe to

The full thing novel available at feed right here:

Stories I Told Myself now Available

It’s my first book in print. And I couldn’t be happier with it. It features the best of the Seanachai, and two new works. “Getting Shot” the story of me, well, getting shot when I lived in Los Angeles and “The Rhetoric of Audio” in which I try to sum up everything I’ve learned about […]

An Early Morning Update.

I’m up early this morning. And, for the hell of it, I decided to record a video episode. Now that How to Succeed in Evil the Novel is done, I’m compiling an anthology of stories from The Seanachai. It’s going to be titled, “Stories I Told Myself” As a learning experience I’m going to self-publish […]

Seanachai Best of CD

Now available in the store. Buy one, buy five. It’s a nice way to support the podcast and have something to give to a friend or loved one (or hell, even enemy) when they say, “Seanofthedeadwhat? How do you say that?” or even , “Podcasting, why would I want to throw my iPod?”

Seanachai Promos – Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Rusty Bender I Died Zombie Spelling Brains

What do I know? Santa may be real.

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the comments. Slowly but surely, we’ve gathered some obviously young and fairly charming opposition to the “There’s no such thing as Santa” episode. My favorite comes from Hannah. hi ppl santa is real we havent got a chimney but santa has this special key so he can get into […]

First subscriber-only post up now

So the first subscriber-only post is up. So if you think you should be able to see it and can’t, please email or comment and we’ll straighten it out as quickly as possible. The post presents a bit of work in progress. It’s a draft of a screenplay from 1999 called 86 Nickels. It was […]

86 Nickels Script

So this is an early draft of the screenplay that eventually became Death of a Dishwasher. Very clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing structuring a screenplay — but some of the scene’s really snap. And the lines are still funny. I skimmed it as I was building this post and I chuckled to myself […]

Members, donations and the lot.

So, we’ve officially launched our membership system. This means a couple of things: first of all it means that, in return for donating to The Seanachai, not only do you get to help us keep the lights on and servers up, we’ll also be capable of giving you stuff in return –members-only content. Think of […]

A Preview and a Question.

Well, things are going well. At least I think things are going well. There are some donations. Episodes are going up on a regular basis. I don’t feel like I’ve hit any of the new ones out of the park, but I’m hitting some solid doubles. What’s lacking, of course, is fiction. And I’ve got […]