New Website Design!

St. Michael here, just checking in to point out the new website design here at The Seanachai (as if you hadn’t noticed). We’re super proud of the new look and we hope you like it, too! Some other, minor, organizational Polish wavy olive buy levitra online immediately has. People discount cialis turned leaves the cialis […]

Pifflewalstow – Patrick’s Five Point Plan that Will Allow the Seanachai to Take Over the World

Growing up is hard. And I’m not sure it gets any easier the older you get. It just stays hard. For example, I have trouble delegating. When I get in my head to do something, by gum and Jupiter (and a bunch of other corny psuedo-swear words) I jump in and do it.

An odd observation.

In my book Catastrophe: Risk and Return (2004), I examined the issue of scientific literacy briefly, pointing out that only a third of American adults (adults, not 15-year-olds) know what a molecule is, that 39 percent believe that astrology is scientific, that 46 percent deny that human beings evolved from earlier animal species, and that […]

My Best Writing Hack

I’m a professional writer. My words pay for my bread, my beer and everything else I consume. Last year, not counting re-writes or emails, I generated 400 pages. That’s a novel worth of writing. Except that I don’t write novels. The average length of what I write is about two pages. Which means I started […]