Digg How To Succeed in Evil!

As part of our Media Blitz (technical term) for the launch of succeedinevil.com we’ve submitted a story to digg.com promoting the site. The only thing left to do now is digg it! So head over to digg.com and give us a bump! We’d really appreciate it!

The Seanachai Featured on iTunes and Odeo!

The Seanachai is currently one of the featured podcasts in the iTunes Music Store Podcast Directory. Big thanks to Swoopy from Skepticality for letting us know about this. We We hope you give our back catalogue a listen, and that you keep coming back!

New promotional push

Once again it’s time to put the word in the street. But how? I’ll be honest with you. I’m so busy writing and producing this podcast – and making a living – and figuring out ways to make my living a little bit less like “My Bologna has a first name…” and more like “So […]

What eeeesss a Seanachai?

. In Ireland, in the days before books and printing, there was a class of people called seanachai or storytellers. These folks made their living by traveling from village to village and telling stories. Sometimes they would spin tales from the great tapestry of folklore that comprises the mythology of Ireland and other times they’d just repeat the gossip from the town next door. They but they always entertained by their telling.