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The Vampire in the Attic (new version)

A slightly tweaked version of the classic Seanachai podcast. Warning, still contains: Bad monster, worse music.

Unkillable Preview (subscribe to

The full thing novel available at feed right here:

Getting Shot

The true story of an inconvenient episode.

Stories I Told Myself now Available

It’s my first book in print. And I couldn’t be happier with it. It features the best of the Seanachai, and two new works. “Getting Shot” the story of me, well, getting shot when I lived in Los Angeles and “The Rhetoric of Audio” in which I try to sum up everything I’ve learned about […]

A Wake for the Seanachai — March 24th 9PM EST

9 PM EST So, I’m driving home one night and I get shot. Twice with one bullet, actually. It’s not a joke, it’s a true story. And like all true stories that don’t end in death, it is ultimately a comedy. On March 24th at 9 pm I am going to read this story […]

The 14 Eskimo Names for Snow

So I heard that the Eskimo have fourteen different words to describe snow. Seemed like this was worth looking into.

The Toughest Trees Ever

They were lurking right under my nose. Complete script available at

The Vampire in My Face Pt. II

The worst monsters are the ones who believe they have your best interest at heart.

A Ride with Patrick

So my voice has been crap. A head cold has been trying to kill me. But I took a video camera with me and talked about ‘Evil, writing, coming up with ideas — I even managed to find an actual Mexican Show Truck. (two parts)

The Vampire in My Face Pt. I

Everybody knows that Vampires can’t die. So why am I surprised that he’s back?