The Seanachai

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The Vampire Remastered

In this case, the past genuinely is prologue.

Azizullah’s Vault

How do you rob the safest bank in the world?

How to Succeed in Evil Novel Announcement

After a fair amount of ado, How to Succeed in Evil: the Novel goes live on March 16th on and

3 AM and writing

Working myself up to a frenzy writing many, many Seanachai episodes.

The HenryMan List

A little advice for my little nephew.


Am I throwing a wooden shoe in my own works?

Shooting an Elephant

The classic essay by George Orwell

Floor Piranha

In which we learn of the elusive pilemongrulous chompficampherous.

A Defense of Writing Longhand

Is technology really my friend? Or is it just pretending to be my friend so it can date my sister.


In which, pinball might help us get a handle on a complicated subject.