A Wolf in the Park Summary

I think the scariest kind of story doesn’t scare you when you’re reading it. It scares you sometime after you’ve read it. It’s that quality that M. Night Shamaylan’s films have. That Poe and Lovecraft have. The piece effects you when you read it, but later – maybe years later – something calls it to […]

Bright Lights Summary

The incident of the man murdering his guitar was represented to me as a true story. But I don’t even care if it’s really true or not. It was just such a fascinating set up I had to see where it went. This is another one of those multipart stories where I wrote the first […]

Death of a Dishwasher Summary

Once, I had an idea for a movie. About this restaurant. And I wrote and I wrote. And rewrote and rewrote. But no matter how hard I tried, the movie still sucked. And I tried very hard. Three major rewrites. Years later, I finally thought I had tossed the monkey from my back — but […]