And We’re Back.

The Seanachai[1] is the Podcast of Author Patrick E. McLean. It started in 2005, went on hiatus and has now returned. Here are the new episodes.

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This site is in a transitional state, the older episodes are no longer provided in the feed, but if you’d like to get 23 of them in one go, you can sign up for the email list at patrickemclean.com. Then you’ll get an audiobook and ebook copy of Stories I Told Myself absolutely free. Go now and enjoy my $22 gift to you!

You can sample some of them right here.

The Vampire in My Attic

The HenryMan List

A Change in Orbit

Bright Lights

Death of a Dishwasher

The Redneck Expeditionary Force

The War with Santa

Blame Abraham

The complete list of episodes can be found here.

  1. A fancy Celtic word which means storyteller.